Tench in Kent


Adam Wiggans

I live in the canterbury area and have recently returned to fishing after a 10 year absence from the bank. Im looking forward to the start of the season and targeting some tench/bream. can anyone suggest locations that i might consider. iam a member of Canterbury & District Angling Assc with lakes at Fordwich and any pointers to success on these would go a long way.


I was banned from CDAA many years ago for living out side of the proscribed area!I am no longer a member of Mid-Kent fisheries CMAC but can whole heartedly recommend the Tench fishing at the Triangle Lake and Stour lake.Pellet paste over pellets close in on Triangle and the same at range on Stour.Good average size (4lb-6lb)on Triangle and easy to catch.Bigger fish on the Stour but don't believe the crap about a 14lb fish.This was a Carp caught by a friend of mine,knowing he was Tench fishing the "on the ball" bailiff automaticly assumed it was a Tench!

PS If you don,t mind a drive the Long Lakes at Dungeness also have some good Tench fishing.Day tickets are available on the bank(They hardly ever come round) Only problem is unless you like fishing amongst other peoples rubbish you will need two bin bags to clean up first! TP paste and bread flake work well here.If you come down let me know as I only live about 3miles away and could show you the best swims.

Mikw Waters

I agree with budgie, also the Mid Kent water at naccolt (between wye and ashford). Had 10 tench 2 weeks ago best 6lb and I only went for 3 hours. The long pit at dungie is great, however look carefully. I have had great success using black sweetcorn over hemp there. If you want more info let me know