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Rob Brownfield

I liked the article but I think there is a little mistake. I believe Maddocks and Middleton came up with the hair rig due to bite offs and line thickness. The original hair was at least 2 inches long and allowed the bait to be crushed by the throat teeth but the hook and main line to remain in the mouth area, thus preventing a bit off.
The secondary reason was so the carp did not feel the mono until it was too late.

This is not ment to be a finger pointing remark, just hope I got this right as i am sure that is what I read in an article from Maddocks ages ago.

Keep up the good work.

Carp Angler

It's true that I haven't mentioned the bite offs, but having just re-read it, the other points you mention are contained in the article.

p jackson

Hi guys thanks for the history lessons bit my question is would hair rigs be any good in the sea as you can guess my understanding and use is limited

Leon Foreman

Thanks Rik, Seeing that the hair rig is fairly new to South Africa or rather new in beeing widely used as I am sure some people did use it in the pass but never got round to spreading the word, I have struggled to get some exact details regarding this method. On my firts attempt as was described in my first article I had the boilie about a centimeter from the hook bend. It did work wonderfull but after some research I have found that this can vary in accorance to your needs. I have simce treid other baits on hair rig such as sweetcorn and some pellets and particles. Alltough this has given a new dimesion in my fishing it is still verry tricky in getting the distance just right and needless to say what might work today might not the following day. I have reserved myself to accepting that this isnt an exact sience and should be tested and tested again till one has an average to work from.

Gary Knowles

I think hair rigs are already being used in the sea to fish small live baits. Pouting and such are hooked through the lip with a small size 2 then hair rigged to a large 4/0 or 5/0 and lowered down to wrecks to fish a nice fresh livebait for big cod, ling, etc..