Trout Fishing in Dorset


David coulter

Hi Folks

I'm moving to Dorset(Dorchester)this time next week. Got my Dad coming over from Northern Ireland the following week. He's into his trout fishing but he's never learnt to fly fish. I was wondering if anyone could help with any trout fisheries in the area which allowed bait/lure fishing for trout.

Gerry Castles

David I think you might be struggling with this one. In your shoes I'd buy Trout Fisherman or any mag that has a list of trout fisheries by county.These will also have telephone numbers of the fisheries. Call a few of them and ask if there is an 'any method' trout fishery in their area.
These places where they exist usually charge 'per pound of fish' That way they are not bothered if you use grenades to catch them.

Ben McCormick

Nov 6, 2002
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There's a place near Lyme Regis (about 15 miles from Dorchester) that I think is fly only, but they do tuition and will have you fishing within an hour or two. My wife has never held a rod in her life and she almost had a trout on the fly (failed to keep the rod upright and lost it - doh!)Might be worth a try. I can't remember what it's called, but it is off the B3165 between Uplyme and Raymond's Hill. Driving from Uplyme, you take a left when you get to Yawl, follow the tiny road for about 3 minutes and you'll see the sign. Good luck.

David coulter

Thanks for the info guys.

I think I might go to plan B and treat him to some fly fishing lessons.