Darren Russell

I am buying a large selection of flies and am wondering what you guy's always have in your fly box and any advice on what to buy and how it will work.

ED (The ORIGINAL and REAL one)

I think you need to post this on Game fishing section


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Feb 23, 1999
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I'll leave it in the Beginner's section Ed, it's for any fishing topic in that category, but it would have been a good one for the Game section as well.

Darren, I take it you mean flies for stillwaters rather than rivers, otherwise you need a different kind of answer.

Flies I wouldn't be without for stillwaters are a selection of Cats Whiskers, black, white and orange Fritz, green and black buzzers, including epoxy buzzers, a selection of damsels and montanas, and for dry fly, a selection of hoppers and klinkhammers.

Of course there will be many variations of those, and there will be a few flies I haven't mentioned that will be excellent on some waters I don't fish. Another thing, I haven't mentioned quite a few very popular flies, such as Diawl Backs, which lots of trout anglers rave over but which I can't do any good with, so it'll be good if a few trout anglers give you their choices.

Darren Russell

Thanks graham,
I was not sure if i should post in this or game fishing but as i am a begginer and need advice on buying a large amout of flies because ive only been fly fishing once and then I only had 7 flies.

Ron (Rontroversial) Clay


The best advice, if you are really interested in fly fishing is to learn to tie your own flies. Don't ever believe it is difficult.

You can tie flies far better than you will ever buy, far cheaper too.

There are various clubs and associations that have fly tying evenings. Visit them, you will learn a whole new perspective to angling. You can never call yourself a true all-round angler if you can't tie your own flies.

Darren Russell

thanks i'll buy a book on it my uncle says he will give me a vice he found while he was cleaning. He does not fly fish but he used to. I'll offer to help him clear his attic see if he has any other things he wants to give away.

Stu Black

The tackle shop by the market in oswestry does fly tying and casting lessons