Tuition in the Warwickshire area



Does anyone know of a water, or fly fishers club that offer tuition to newcomers to fly fishing in the Warwickshire area?

I'd like to give it a go, however having never held a fly rod before, wouldn't know what is good, bad or indifferent. Although you can read articles and books, it's not the same as someone showing you.

Any info would be greatly appreciated

Ron Troversial Clay

There is a lake just out in the Fosse Way before it crosses the M40 called Chesterton Mill Pool.

I have fished there quite often. I think they do casting tuition there. There is also Draycote Water which normally opens 1st April. I am sure you can get tuition there also.

You might give Baileys of Warwick a call. They used to be my local tackle shop. They cover all aspects of angling and are very helpful.