Wear sunsreen!


Andy Doughty

Out on the boat on Wedndesday. Plotted up under a tree in the shade for an hour or two. Took off shirt as it was quite nice and warm. Moved off for a spot of lure fishing further down river. Forgot to put shirt back on. Went home at 3pm, 5 hours later. I am now off work with hideous sunburnt bisters the size off 50 pence bits over my shoulders and back and no chance of fishing for a while as it hurts to move.


I never gave the sun problem much thought, on the bank its OK, you dont seem to get that much reflection, but on a boat, its coming at you from all angles and there is no escape. I know that I took the mickey out of Chris Bishop for one of his hats, but I've got a great floppy sun hat, and I aint leaving home without it!!!!

Ron Clay

Seriously, this matter is important to all of us. I have had to have several large melanomas removed from various parts of my body during the past 20 years. All due no doubt to living in a warm climate ant nearly 6000 feet above sea level for 27 years!

I have noticed a big mole on my leg changing colour during the last few weeks. I want it off sharpish, so I have an appointment with the quack on Monday morning to try and organise an op.

Skin cancer is one of the most common forms of the desease. My advice to anyone at this time of the year is to stay out of the direct rays of the sun, especially between the hours of 10 am to 4 pm. Avoid short sleeved shirts and shorts, keep your hair fairly long at the back of your neck. wear a decent hat and get a good sun screen lotion.

Examine your body regularly for moles or spots. If you see one get it removed post haste.

Moles can cause sickness in other ways. For the last few weeks I have not been feeling at my best and I am sure the thing on my leg is responsible.

Chris Bishop

I'd rather go down the river looking like Crocodile Dundee's child molesting cousin than get burned, but must admit I got caught out a few weeks ago.

What does my head in is you can get burned in April/May round here.

This season's already turning into a grueller for Andy and it's only week two.

Andy Doughty

Just been to the hospital. Second degree burns across the top off my back and shoulders. 7 days off work and I must wear 1,000,000 SPF sun block for the rest of the year, even under a shirt, and possibly for the rest of my time on the planet.
Its all covered by a special burns dressing, but what hurt the most was when the nurse had to remove the dead skin...

Dave O'L

I know people laugh at the hat, but I find it invaluable. I find that these days if I'm out in direct heat too long I get a headache.
Bit like beers can no longer tolerate too much of either these days.