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Carl Gibbons

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Hi all,
Just to ask about lines? I have not used my lines for nearly two years now, they have been kept on the reels in the shed. I am wondering if they will be ok to use? Is there anything I can do to improve the chances of using them? I have been told to clean them up with warm soapy water?
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Terry D

Have a long a cast as possible and wind back the line holding it between some tissue paper or a cloth to clean it. Tie some knots or hooks and test the breaking strain to see if it has deteriorated. If OK, then go ahead and use it. I've not had any great problems with spools of line that have been in my bag for a year.


I think Carl is asking about fly lines. If I'm right, here's the form.

PVC lines (as opposed to Airflo polyurethane) steadily lose their plasticiser as they get older, and lose their slipperyness.

They will probably be fine, though. Just take the WHOLE fly line off the reel and tie it to something which gives you the full 30 yards to stretch it, which you can do pretty vigorously and repeatedly to remove some of the spool memory.

Then, get a clean rag and soak it in ArmorAll car plastic renovator, and reel the line back on to the reel LIGHTLY through the soaked rag to both clean it and recondition it.