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Trevor Hemborough

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Apr 29, 2003
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I know a lot depends on the weather but
when one starts fishing first thing in
the morning is it normally best to start
fishing on the bottom and work up during
the day as the weather warms up, or if not then stay on the bottom. Am I getting this correct. ???????

Tony O'dell

What you have said does ring true in a lot of circumstances..though there are many other variables to think about.
A lot of the time where the fish feed depends on your feeding pattern.
Also it depends on the species you are talking about..ie Bream and tench are less likely to come up in the water than carp or roach.
If you start of by using groundbait containing loose feed, forming a carpet on the bottom, you will find the fish will often stay deep once they have settled on your feed
However if the feed maggot/caster/hemp you often find as the fish compet for the food, they come up in the water.

A lot of the time you will also find you will catch better quality fish if your present a stable bait on or near the bottom

best regards