Whats best?


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I'd like to use some aniseed this year in my maggots and groundbait. Sensas do a litre plastic bottle, that would be very diluted I'd guess? Of there is oil about the same price, but I'm genuinely unsure about what to buy. Can anyone help? Thanks.


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Ricard or Pernod. A tiny amount dribbled over your maggots and a generous slug over plenty of ice and a drop of water.

You could try a bottle of aniseed extract from the baking section in your local supermarket; much cheaper.
Hi, never used aniseed flavour on maggots but do use "partiblend" seeds and that's got aniseed in it, so maybe fishing aniseed maggots over the top would work.
As for what to get - "Sensas do a litre plastic bottle" - how long are you thinking of using this for? I would humbly suggest starting small in case it doesn't work for you.
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There used to be a groundbait called Picardie that had a distinctive aroma.
Worked well on it's own or bulked up with brown crumb.
I use flavours from food aisles ,even bbq mixes to cover luncheon meat and sweetcorn