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Philip Inzani

I thought the question about which record would you like to catch was an interesting one, so as a sort of spin off what do you think is a specimen weight for each species...forgeting venues/part of the country for a moment what would you say is the specimen weight for each fish regardless of where its caught. Heres my guess....

Barbel-10.0, Bream-10.0, Carp-20.0, Cr Carp-2.0, Chub-5.0, Dace-0.12, Eel-5.0,
Roach-2.0, Rudd-2.0, Perch-2.5,
Pike-20.0, Tench-8.0, Zander-10.0


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Feb 23, 1999
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I'll go along with that, generally speaking, except I'd put dace at 10oz and eel at 4lb.

Carp Angler

Looking at it logically and with no slant to any area of the country, it looks a reasonable list.
Being a general angler looking at bigger than average fish, the venues I attack would need to hold specimens in excess of the list.
Except the carp and that would need to be 35+ (sorry).

Chris Bishop

Half the record was always the accepted maxim, so I suppose some of the target weights have gone up over the last 20 years.

I only fish for one or two species and regard any 20lb pike/double zander as a special day.

Ryan Turner

I would say that there are a lot more 5lb chub around than 10lb bream, Im relatively new to river angling but have been fishing stillwaters for most of my life. I have had a good few 5lb+ chub, yet I have never even seen a 10lb bream in the flesh. (Do you class bream as a stillwater fish?)


Generally speaking your list does seem reasonable. But can you generalise and forget about venues/part of the country?

Philip Inzani

Stuart, no I dont think you can. I would like to think that many anglers agree that what dicates a specimen is more than weight alone.
However in this case I was interested in what is a specimen weight regarless of venue or part of the country.

Paul Williams

Philip, it is difficult to put a "national" view on these things, and then it is down to the anglers frame of mind but basically i agree with your list, and what a nice way of spelling Stiwat!!!

Andrew Calvert

As you no doubt already know we in Ireland have a specimen fish commitee which presets specimen weights, ratifies claims and presents certificates. The weights required can be viewed on www.shannon-fishery-board.ie. These weights make interesting reading, lake pike= 30lb, river/canal=20 lb, many of the other coarse fish which we have available to us are rarely caught at the weights which you regard as a specimen. I suppoose that is due to relatively little angling pressure and an abundance of smaller fish. We defientely do not have large waters which contain only a few extremly large fish and very little else as is regulary reported by mainland specimen hunters who fish pits for 20 night sessions with only one bream or tench (albeit extremly large) caught.