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fred hall

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I've booked myself a place on the Match Fishing magazine match here next month. I've never seen the place let alone fished it. I just don't want to blank!
Looks like a big match because the letter says pools to be used are Front and Back Deans, High Pool and maybe Arles as well.
Question 1 - do these pools differ a lot or are they much of a muchness?
Question 2 - is it pole only or should I pack a feeder rod also? (Forget the waggler as my floatfishing skills are not up to it.)
I've read the latest edition of the fishery rules so with those in mind
Question 3 - If I limit myself to just 3 hookbaits which 3 should they be?
Thanks in anticipation, Fred.

Terry Comerford


Fred, buy a bag of the new Skinz feed pellets (red) and a bag of the gold Skinz hooker pellets.
Dye the gold hooker pellets with Sensas strawberry red flavouring. Fish two mtrs to the left and right of your platform and down the shelf two mtrs out in front.
Worked for the winner of the Skinz promotional match last week (89lbs)

fred hall

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Update - managed the grand total of 25lb from a peg on Back Deans that I was told was pretty good.Caught on their red hooker pellets and maggots but nowt else unlike yesterday when I got a million bites on Arles with standard corn straight from the can working brilliantly. I guess that's the difference between practice and an actual match.