30,000 and growing

Claudia Crowther

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Wow that is amazing, never realized there are so many members here....imagen trying to meet all of them for a fish in....we'll be meeting new people for the rest of ours lifes

Ron 'The Hat' Clay (ACA)

And it shows you what the over 60s can achieve.

I am doing very well thank you with my little consultative business.

Neil Maidment

Well done to all involved. I've visited many fishing related sites and considered joining some. But I feel at home here in this little piece of cyberspace.

It would be interesting to analyse just how many of the 30,000 regularly sign-on. This Forum has it's regulars but I guess many more are just browsing.

I joined up about two years ago and started contributing (if that's the right phrase) a few months after that.

In that time the numbers have doubled.


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Brilliant site guys, cant gey enough of it, loads of points of views to be read and put across, keep up the good work tight lines and merry christmas

Steve Handley

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I'm inclined to agree, this is one of the most advice friendly and helpful angling sites out there.

It's just a pity, we can't get all those 30,000 to join the ACA as well.


Managing Editor
Thank you, but it's not just me, there are a team of techies, my assistant Dave and Jonny before him, and a team of saleman, as well as the publishers and execs. OK, I'm steering the ship but I couldn't do it without all the help I get in the background and, of course, you members who are the real heart of the site.

Ron 'The Hat' Clay (ACA)

When you consider those 30,000 who have signed up, you must also consider the number of people who regularly have a look at the site without signing.

I guess it's at least double the membership.

The "readership" of any publication is often 3 times more than the sales. Think of all those doctors waiting rooms.

Ron 'The Hat' Clay (ACA)

It's interesting to consider the power of a site like this.

For example, one of the best threads was started by Graham on the subject of shotting patterns for stick floats.

This has developed into a dissemination of knowledge on the subject of float fishing in rivers that in my opinion is far superior to a single article by one writer on the subject, or even a chapter in a book for that matter.