How did you get on?

ian g

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Fished a club water last night , I arrived at 3.45 but soon found I'd left my ruck bag at home . Must admit I thought I was travelling light when I packed the car . Luckily I met my lad who brought my bag half way. I fished the end peg which is usually a decent peg . I'd chatted to the 4 other guys fishing on the way to my peg , nothing much doing . I fished a pole float on my float road and pin . I tried meat, corn , paste and maggots . I had a few small roach on maggots and a couple of bites on paste and corn . Swapped to meat and started to get sail away bite all of which I missed , small roach again I think. In finally had a decent dip and disappear bite on meat and had an epic struggle with a tench , fishing a bit light and not wanting to loose it I took my time , the tench went 4 lb 2 oz and that was that fish wise . No one else catching so I was content with my lot.


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I had to go so set out early promising to be back by 2.00pm at the latest. It promised to be very hot but my chosen venue and intended peg would be in shade from


It wàs hot but the breeze made it pleasant. A mate set up in a peg 2 pegs down with a feeder and didn't get a single bite. I started and finished on the float but couldn't get a bite on anything but maggots. I used an 11' pellet waggler rod aiming for surface carp on the far side but they were not interested. I couldn't be bothered setting up the Acolyte so just put on a size 18 hook to 2lb hooklength and caught regularly but nothing big.

I had half a dozen of these plus a few roach and all this size. A couple of perch made up around 15 fish.