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Kevin Perkins

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I'd like to know way it is that I have received no reponse from the EA at local, regional and even national level. I've asked if they couldn't use part-time volunteers to help with patrolling/enforcement, two key issues that keep cropping up. I've offered to do this work without reward, other than some obvious training. I've acted as a club bailiff in the past, and as a local councillor, I've had all the usual background checks carried out.

There are probably many club bailiffs out there that would gladly check rod licences as part of their duties, why not give them the chance...?


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Why don't the EA use their influence and consult with bona fide angling clubs to persuade the clubs to make it a club rule that members must show a current rod licence when joining or renewing their club cards. Clubs not consenting to this would then give the EA an indication of which areas are more likely to have anglers fishing without licences.


following on from clives - do they feel the fines handed out for rod licence evasion are enough of a detterent?

Eric Hayes

Why can't they put daily river levels on their web site as a service for us licence paying anglers?


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How many people have been caught fishing without a licence in the last three years? How many have been caught committing fishery offences in the past three years?
Now how many of those were British? And how many weren't?
Answer: We don't break down that information ethnically, by sex or by nationality.
I bet you don't!!!

Nigel Connor(ACA ,SAA)

What assurance can you give that in response to the recent catastrophic flooding South Yorkshire and humberside, that there will be no return to insensitive flood protection work such a the dredging and uniform channeling of rivers and destruction of bankside vegetation?

Ray Daywalker Clarke

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Why dont you send out bailiffs when you have been informed of anglers fishing without a licence.

Why dont you have a hot line for anglers to call.

Why dont you ask for a fixed fine across the country. 1st offence ?200 and double everytime the offender is caught for fishing without a licence. Plus the licence fee.

Taking fish by foul means is at an all time high. Why dont you think it is a problem.

Thanks for this Graham.

Ray Daywalker Clarke

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Why dont you sell Rod Licences in tackle shops that are open longer and at weekends when the post office is closed. The web is no good for people wanting a one day licence.

What were you saying Woody.

There is no hotline for rod licence evasion,
i told you that before, i know as i have rang the EA a number of times.

Thats where the EA let us down.

Sorry woody but your wrong on that one mate.

Steve Spiller

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Graham, I only said what a lot of anglers are thinking. The E.A. take our money, but what are they doing with it? (Que the outbursts!) Are they protecting my local pond/river that is being robbed of fish........NO!

Woody, are <u>YOU</u> part of the E.A? Because bold/underlined suggests you are (is that why you are being so defencive?).

To the E.A.

Why waste valuable money on annual flyers that don't interest me or others? I don't want them, please provide a no junk mail box to tick when I annually purchase my E.A rod licence, use the money for something more deserving!

What action should I take at 3am in the morning when I stumble across six people in two boats pulling two nets across my river? As it happens, no club own it, it is "free" fishing. I assume the riparian land owner is the local council, so what should I do?

John Adair

The web is no good for people wanting a one day licence.

Why not? I'd have thought it was perfect - you just print out your confirmation page and away you go, don't you?
Its no use beating about the bush..!!

I have tried to choose my words carefully.

The three threads that I have been much involved with over the last few days have, in reality, only surrounded one issue - that of fish theft by Eastern European anglers.

I do not find it too mild a statement to make that, irrespective of the morality of the comments I have read, it is clear that guidance is required to relieve the frustrations of many ordinary angling folk, our members, who have become incensed by what they believe to be the most heinous crime against angling in history.

As a consequence of accusations made against these people the discussions would appear to have unearthed a plethora of enforcement issues which until now have existed only in the corners of the minds of most British anglers and has identified fragile elements in a system which we have never before questioned.

As in all situations of this nature we look to our own defences and as has occurred before and will again we find ourselves lacking. A system of governance which once seemed robust now appears fragile and unable to face up to the problems we perceive so our natural instinct is to cry for help, help unanswered we blame.

If it is at all possible - might I ask that what has become, maybe in my mind alone, two separate issues, one of the EU Angler and the other of defence against the black arts (how to manage our fishing and still be friends with the EA), be addressed as such - separately. I do understand that one may depend wholly on t?other but if we are not permitted to see the whole of the first picture we may never be able to achieve enough perspective to address the second with sufficient forethought.

I would like to propose that first of all Graham considers how he might approach the EA to see if there is any remedy available which could possibly alleviate some of the frustration which currently exists within the ranks of our members. This achieved it would give us a fuller picture and enable us to consider how to set out our future.

For certain this will end up in a second round of talks with the EA but at least we will have asked the most salient question first.

Thank you